Hereditary Commandery of Abaujvar
        King Samuel Aba , 1038/1040 - 1044

Abaujvár is the historical place and the home to the Hungarian Second Royal Dynasty;  the House of Aba. During the rain of King Samuel Aba , 1038 - 1044, Aba family build Abaujvár castle (Aba's Newcastle) in northern Hungary. Initially the castle was an administrative seat for one of the royal lordships. Eventually Abaujvár Castle became a regional military defense fort protecting one of the Baltic-Balkan commerce routes. This specific road followed the banks of the river Hornad and the river Torysa. Over several years a village grow around the castle.  

His Royal and Apostolic Majesty King Samuel Aba of Hungary

By the 13th century Hungary started to implement a new countrywide administrative system to enhance royal  administration.  During that time Abaujvár became a geographical and administrative center for a newly created county of Abaujvár (Aba's Newcastle County).   


   King Aba's Silver Denar


One century later County of Abaujvár was joint with another smaller county of Torna, located on a western borders of the County of Abaujvár. The new administrative region became to be known as the County of Abauj-Torna. Later on it’s capital became the City of Kassa (today city of Kosice, SVK).

After the Trianon Treaty, 1918 / 20, County of Abauj-Torna was partitioned almost in the middle. The southern part (60%) remained in Hungary, including Abaujvár Castle, and an northern portion of the county, including the City of Kassa (Kosice) became a part of newly created state of Czechoslovakia. During the World War II, Kassa and most of the county became a part of Hungary. However, post war Yalta Agreement shifted the borders once again to pre-war status. 


  Home of Genus Aba / Aba Dynasty

Aba Hereditary Lordships located on the territory of the present day Hungary

Athinai, Bathori von Gagy, Gagyi von Gagy, Csirke, Csobanka, Kompolthy von Nanas u. Visonta, Laczkffy de Nadasd, Rhédey von Kis-Rhéde  (Nagyréde)

During the fall of monarchy in 1918/1920 the government of the newly created Czechoslovakia, for political reasons, changed names of some 2400 cities, towns and villages within it's newly created state.  Below is the list of the original names of the Aba Hereditary Lordships located on the territory of the present day Slovakia, and in the brackets (gray color) are names of the same places after 1920. 

Berthothy von Berthot (Bertotovce), Budamery (Budimir), Frichi (Fricovce), Hedry von Hedri (Hendrichovce), Keczer von Keczerlipocz u. Keczer (Kecerovske Lipany and Kecerovce), Lapispataky von Lapis-Patak (Ploske), Segneyey von Lapis-Patak (Ploske), Sirokay von Sirok (Siroke), Solymossy, Somosy von Somos (Drienov), Vendeghy von Vendeg (Hostovice), Vitez (Vitaz)

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Aba Dynasty

Palatine Amadeus Aba County of Aba County of Abauj-Torna
  Grand Magisterial Decree
The Hereditary Commandery of Abaujvar was established by Grand Magisterial Decree No. 12/05 dated 1st November 2005. 
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